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Lieutenant General Sanchez was a United States Army general who was in command of the Unified Intelligence Taskforce's New York City headquarters during the late 2000s. He had previously served as a member of the United States Army Rangers and the 82nd Airborne Division. (DW: "The Stolen Earth")

By 2013, a photograph of General Sanchez standing alongside Sarah Jane Smith was held by the Black Archive. (DW: "The Day of the Doctor")


Sanchez was played by Michael Brandon.

Sanchez's uniform displayed numerous military awards, including the Bronze Star Medal, the United Nations Medal, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Air Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal and the Purple Heart. He was also a recipient of the Combat Infantryman Badge, the Master Parachutist Badge and the Pathfinder Badge. He also wore the Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge and Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge.