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The Silurians (Homo reptilia) was the most common name applied to a species of intelligent reptilian bipeds that were arguably more accurately known as the Eocenes. Relatives of the Sea Devils, they thrived on the planet Earth prior to the rise of the human race.


Silurian female


Silurian male


Silurian of the Wenley Moor group


Silurians spearheading an invasion of Sea Base 4


300 million years before the 21st century, the Silurians were extant on Earth. (DW: "The Hungry Earth") Doctor John Quinn, the first human known to have made contact with their species, made notes on the age of the Earth, with particular reference to the Silurian era. This resulted in the name "Silurian." (DW: "Doctor Who and the Silurians") Despite having adopted the term himself, the Doctor believed this was a misnomer, stating that Quinn had gotten the period wrong and that they should have been called the Eocenes. (DW: "The Sea Devils") He would later concede that this name was also contentious. (DW: "The Hungry Earth")

Their astronomers predicted that a small planet approaching the Earth would collide with their world. They calculated that this event would draw off the atmosphere and destroy all life. (DW: "Doctor Who and the Silurians") Their species built settlements underground and, through the use of hibernation units and cryo-chambers, suspended their lives until the atmosphere returned. (DW: "Doctor Who and the Silurians", "Cold Blood") To avoid the destructive impact forecast for their planet, an ark was launched with thousands of Silurians in stasis pods and fifty species onboard. (DW: "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship") After coming into alignment with Earth, the small planet was drawn into its orbit and became the Moon. (DW: "Doctor Who and the Silurians")





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