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The Sontarans were a clone species that originated from the planet Sontar. Considered to be rabidly xenophobic and devoted to perpetual war, they were politically organised into the Sontaran Empire. (DW: "The Invasion of Time", "The Two Doctors")







A list of all appearances of Sontarans (excluding appearances of Strax).

  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Time Warrior"
    • "The Sontaran Experiment"
    • "The Invasion of Time"
    • "Logopolis" (archive footage only)
    • "The Two Doctors"
    • "The Sontaran Stratagem"
    • "The Poison Sky"
    • "The End of Time"
    • "The Eleventh Hour" (hologram, archive footage only)
    • "The Pandorica Opens"
    • "The God Complex" (photograph)
    • "The Time of the Doctor"
    • "Face the Raven"
    • "The Timeless Children" (archive footage only)
    • "The Halloween Apocalypse"
    • "War of the Sontarans"
    • "Survivors of the Flux"
    • "The Vanquishers"
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures:
    • "The Last Sontaran"
    • "Enemy of the Bane"
    • "The Mad Woman in the Attic" (archive footage only)
    • "Death of the Doctor" (archive footage only)
  • SJA: Alien Files:
    • "Episode 1" (archive footage only)
    • "Episode 3" (archive footage only)
    • "Episode 4" (hologram)
  • The Adventure Games: "The Gunpowder Plot"
  • Pond Life: "April"


  • Doctor Who:
    • "Invasion of the Dinosaurs"
    • "Robot"
    • "Horror of Fang Rock"
    • "The Ribos Operation"
    • "Time Inc."
    • "Silence in the Library"
    • "The Stolen Earth"
    • "A Good Man Goes to War"
    • "Night Terrors"
    • "The Name of the Doctor"
    • "Listen"
    • "The Doctor Falls"
    • "Once, Upon Time"
    • "Eve of the Daleks"
  • "Real Time"
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures:
    • "Eye of the Gorgon"
    • "The Day of the Clown"
    • "The Mark of the Berserker"
  • Night and the Doctor: "Last Night"
  • Prequels: "Vastra Investigates"
  • "The Inforarium"
  • "The Flux is Coming..."