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Space Station W3, also known as Station 3, was a space station located in human space during the mid-21st century. It served as a radio-visual relay for Earth, a midway point for deep space ships, a space research station and a stellar early warning station for space phenomena. (DW: "The Wheel in Space")



  • Jarvis Bennett - controller (until death in 2068)
  • Doctor Gemma Corwyn - second-in-command and medical doctor (until death in 2068)
  • Captain Leo Ryan - communications officer (c. 2068) / acting controller (after Bennett's death in 2068)
  • Tanya Lernov - astrogator first class (c. 2068)
  • Zoe Heriot - astrophysicist, astrometricist first class and parapsychology librarian (c. 2068)

Other personnel[]

  • Enrico Casali - technician and radio/radar operator (c. 2068)
  • Chang - technician (until death in 2068)
  • Bill Duggan - engineer and supervisor of the powerhouse (until death in 2068)
  • Sean Flannigan - technician (c. 2068)
  • Elton Laleham - radio operator (until death in 2068)
  • Kemel Rudkin - radio operator (until death in 2068)
  • Armand Vallance - crewman (c. 2068)

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