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Tardisode 12 is a mini-episode written by Gareth Roberts and directed by Ashley Way that serves as a companion piece to "Army of Ghosts".

Tardisode 12 atif


Background information[]

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Uncredited performers[]

  • Angus Brown as a man in white coat
  • Gerard Cooke as a man in white coat
  • Dafydd Emyr as a suited agent
  • Nickie Rainsford as the editor of The Examiner
  • David Tennant as the Doctor (photograph)
  • Shane Zaza as Atif


Uncredited crew[]

  • Written by Gareth Roberts
  • Directed by Ashley Way
  • Executive Producers -
  • Producers -
    • Sophie Fante
    • Jo Pearce


1879; 2006; 2007

British Army; British monarchy; Christmas Day; Cyberman (Pete's World); the Doctor; Earth; The Examiner; GCSE; ghost; ghost shift; lunatic asylum; madness; Torchwood Institute; United Kingdom; Victoria