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"Terror of the Autons" is the first story of the eighth season of Doctor Who.

Terror of the Autons
Season 8 (1971), Episode 1 to Episode 4
Air date 2 - 23 January 1971
Written by Robert Holmes
Directed by Barry Letts (uncredited)
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  • Written by Robert Holmes
  • Directed by Barry Letts (uncredited)
  • Produced by Barry Letts
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson
  • Circus Sequences by Courtesy of Robert Brothers
  • Film Cameraman - John Baker
  • Film Editor - Geoffrey Botterill
  • Visual Effects - Michael John Harris
  • Action by HAVOC
  • Costumes - Ken Trew
  • Make-up - Jan Harrison
  • Lighting - Eric Monk
  • Sound - Colin Dixon
  • Special Sound - Brian Hodgson and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Script Editor - Terrance Dicks
  • Designer - Ian Watson


1971; 1972

A-level; air strike; asphyxiation; autojet; Auton; Auton chair; Auton doll; Beacon Hill Research Establishment; Bessie; black pudding; blowfish; Bluebottle Three; bomb; British Army; bull; Bunsen burner; Cambridge University; Campbell; captain; car; carbon dioxide; cephalopod; circus; coach; cocoa; coffee; colonel; company; computer; cosmic science; cryptology; daffodil; dematerialisation circuit; director; duty officer; Eagle; Earth; egg; elephant; Elsie; espionage; Farrel's plastics factory; field section; fighter plane; forceps; Frankenstein; Greyhound; heart failure; Home Counties; horse box; hydrogen line; hypnosis; I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire; Lamadine; lion; lung; Malfeasance Tribunal; the Master's TARDIS; Masters; megaton; meteorite; Ministry of Technology; motorcycle; National Space Museum; Nestene; Nestene energy unit; octopus; plastic; Plastic Comes to Town; post-mortem; professor; radio; radio telescope; RAF Strike Command; rocket; Rossini Brothers International Circus; Lord Rowlands; Royal Air Force; scalpel; scanning molecular structure analyser; scientific consultant; scientific supplies section; Scotsman; sergeant; Shaw, Liz; shock; steady state micro-welding; Sylvia; Tarminster; tea; telepathy; telephone; telephone box; television; Time Lord; tissue compression eliminator; Trap One; United Kingdom; United Kingdom law enforcement; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; video conference; virus; volatiser

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A.C. Frost; DJJ808C; POF610G; TMF99F