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"Terror of the Zygons" is the first story of the thirteenth season of Doctor Who.


Part One[]

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Part Three[]

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Uncredited performers[]

  • Alan Clements as a UNIT soldier (4)
  • Rowland Geall as a UNIT soldier (1-4)
  • Patrick Ginter as a UNIT soldier (1-4)
  • Ian Marter as Madra (2) (in the form of Harry Sullivan)
  • James Muir as a UNIT soldier (1-4)
  • Robert Russell as a Zygon (1-3) (in the form of the Caber)
  • David Selby as a UNIT soldier (1-4)
  • Barry Summerford as Thurston (1-4)
  • Lillias Walker as Odda (1-3) (in the form of Sister Lamont)
  • John Woodnutt as
    • Broton (1-4) (normal form)
    • Broton (1-4) (in the form of the Duke of Forgill)
  • Unknown performers as


  • Written by Robert Banks Stewart
  • Directed by Douglas Camfield
  • Produced by Philip Hinchcliffe
  • Production Unit Manager - George Gallaccio
  • Production Assistant - Edwina Craze
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer & BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Title Sequence - Bernard Lodge
  • Incidental Music by Geoffrey Burgon
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Costume Designer - James Acheson
  • Make-up - Sylvia James
  • Visual Effects Designer - John Horton
  • Studio Lighting - John Dixon
  • Studio Sound - Michael McCarthy
  • Film Cameraman - Peter Hall
  • Film Sound - John Tellick
  • Film Editor - Ian McKendrick
  • Script Editor - Robert Holmes
  • Designer - Nigel Curzon


11th century; 13th century; 1870; 1922; 1975

aircraft; Antlers Association; bagpipes; Ben Nevis; Bermuda Triangle; Bismarck; Black Isle; blood; Boar's Head; body print; Brentford; brigadier; British Army; Broton's spaceship; Cabinet; car; Chatham; chocolate; clan; Clan Stewart; coastguard; commander; concrete; corporal; cyborg; deer; depth charge; Devil's Punchbowl; diver; "Doc"; doctor of medicine; duke; Duke of Cumberland; dynacon thrust; dystelic circuit; Earth; England; espionage; Fletcher; Flowers of the Forest; Forgill Castle; Fox Inn; frigate; Gaelic; general; ghillie; Golden Haggis Lucky Dip; Greyhound Leader; gun; haggis; Hibernian Oil; Highland games; hydrogen; hypnosis; hypothermia; ice cap; InterCity; International Energy Conference; Inverness; Jamieson, Donald; Jamieson, Robert; kilt; lactic fluid; lance corporal; Land Rover; Last Great Time War; Latin; Leicestershire; lieutenant; Loch Ness; Loch Ness Monster; London; machine gun; mammal; McNab Point; McRanald Bay; Middle Ages; molecular dispersal; nerve gas; North Sea; nuclear missile; nursing sister; oil; oil rig; organic crystallography; orthodontology; peat; pitchfork; plaster of Paris; Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Prince Charlie; psionic beam; quarry; radar; radio; RAF Strike Command; Regimental Sergeant Major; remar; rifle; River Thames; Royal Air Force; Royal Navy; Scotland; Scottish Energy Commission; second sight; self-destructor; Skarasen; sonic screwdriver; spider; squad; Stanbridge House; surveillance device; telephone; Tibet; tobacco; train; Trap One; trilanic activator; Tullock; Tullock Moor; United Kingdom; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; UNIT temporary HQ; warlord; Warrant Officer Class 1; Waverley Field; Wellington boot; Willie; Zygon; Zygon homeworld; Zygon spaceship

Additional references[]

16DM33; 33CS84; Another Bermuda Triangle?