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"The Chase" is the eighth story of the second season of Doctor Who.


The Executioners[]

The Death of Time[]

Flight Through Eternity[]

Journey into Terror[]

The Death of Doctor Who[]

The Planet of Decision[]

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  • Dr. Who - William Hartnell
  • Ian Chesterton - William Russell
  • Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill
  • Vicki - Maureen O'Brien
  • Abraham Lincoln - Robert Marsden
  • Francis Bacon - Roger Hammond
  • Queen Elizabeth I - Vivienne Bennett
  • William Shakespeare - Hugh Walters
  • Television Announcer - Richard Coe
  • Dalek Voices -
    • Peter Hawkins
    • David Graham
  • Daleks -
  • Mire Beast - Jack Pitt
  • Malsan - Ian Thompson
  • Rynian - Hywel Bennett
  • Prondyn - Al Raymond
  • Guide - Arne Gordon
  • Morton Dill - Peter Purves
  • Albert C. Richardson - Dennis Chinnery
  • Capt. Benjamin Briggs - David Blake Kelly
  • Bosun - Patrick Carter
  • Willoughby - Douglas Ditta
  • Cabin Steward - Jack Pitt
  • Frankenstein - John Maxim
  • Count Dracula - Malcom Rogers
  • Grey Lady - Roslyn de Winter
  • Robot Dr. Who - Edmund Warwick
  • Mechonoid Voice - David Graham
  • Mechonoids -
    • Murphy Grumbar
    • Jack Pitt
    • John Scott Martin
  • Fungoids -
    • Jack Pitt
    • John Scott Martin
    • Ken Tyllsen
  • Steven Taylor - Peter Purves

Uncredited performers[]

  • The Beatles as themselves (1) (archive footage only)
  • Brian Proudfoot as an Aridian (2)
  • Derek Ware as a bus conductor (6)
  • Unknown performer as Starkey (3)


  • Written by Terry Nation
  • Directed by Richard Martin
  • Produced by Verity Lambert
  • Fight arranged by Peter Diamond
  • Title music by Ron Grainer with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental music composed and conducted by Dudley Simpson
  • Film Cameraman - Charles Parnall
  • Film Editor - Norman Matthews
  • Costumes Supervised by Daphne Dare
  • Makeup Supervised by Sonia Markham
  • Lighting - Howard King
  • Sound - Ray Angel
  • Story Editor - Dennis Spooner
  • Designers -
    • Raymond Cusick
    • John Wood


16th century/17th century; 1863; 1872; 1963; 1965; 1966; 1996; 2215; 2263; 2265; 2965

Alabama; American Civil War; animal; Aridian; Aridian underground city; Aridius; armillary sphere; Azores; Barbary Terror; BBC1; The Beatles; beer; Bodie, Cheyenne; bus; camera; car; cardigan; castle; Central Europe; Chanin Tower; Chrysler Tower; civil war; classical music; Coal Hill School; Columbus, Christopher; computer; cricket; Dalek; Dalek occupation of Earth (2157-67); Dalek Supreme; Dalek time machine; Denmark; the Doctor's walking stick; Earth; Einstein, Albert; Empire State Building; energy; English language; Falstaff; Flight Red Fifty; food machine; Foreman, Susan; Frankenstein's House of Horrors; fungoid; fungus; Gettysburg Address; guava; Hamlet; Hamlet; Hi Fi; Hollywood; Hudson River; humanoid; light; light neutron; lineal amplifier; Liverpool; London; Mary Celeste; mass; Mechanus; Mechonoid; Mechonoid city; mermaid; mire beast; monkey; Monsters from Outer Space; the Moon; mule; neutraliser; New York City; nightingale; Oldcastle, John; Peking; Pennsylvania; perceptor; phagocyte; pigeon; plant; police box; prince; pub; reproducer; robot; sailing ship; Santa Maria; screwdriver; seaweed; section; Segaro Desert; seismic detector; sewing machine; Skaro; sonic rectifier; South America; space station; Statue of Liberty; Taltarian airlock; TARDIS magnet; television; Ticket to Ride; time path detector; Time-Space Visualiser; Tower of London; Trafalgar Square; United States; vampire; vampire bat; Venderham's Law

Additional references[]

Festival of Ghana; Jupiter; London Underground; Mars; Neptune; Pluto; Saturn; Uranus; Venus; White City