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As part of the video release of "The Crusade" in 1999, in-universe linking material was filmed to cover the events of the missing episodes "The Knight of Jaffa" and "The Warlords". It features an elderly Ian Chesterton telling an unseen visitor about his adventures in the Doctor's TARDIS, particularly the journey to the Holy Land in 1191.


"It was a fantastic adventure. One of many. One of many. Let me tell you about it."
- Ian Chesterton

The Knight of Jaffa[]

The Warlords[]

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  • Camera - Robin Sunderland
  • Location Sound - Gordon Nightingale
  • Archive Sources -
    • BBC Broadcast Archives
    • Bruce Grenville
  • Restoration Supervisor - Steve Roberts
  • Sound Restoration - Mark Ayres
  • Editing -
    • Brian Charles
    • Brian Watkiss
  • Telecine - Dave Hawley
  • Post Production Facilities -
    • BBC Post Production & Graphic Design
      BBC Television Centre
    • BBC Post Production
      BBC Birmingham
  • Thanks to -
    • Andy Bello
    • Ian Levine
    • Jason May
    • Richard Molesworth
    • Shirley O'Mara
    • Paul Scoones
  • Written by Stephen Cole
  • Producers for BBC Worldwide -
    • Joe Mahoney
    • Gareth Wakeham
  • Directed by Paul Vanezis


1191; 20th century/21st century

El Akir; ant; Arab; British monarchy; Coal Hill School; Crusade; ed-Din, Haroun; ed-Din, Maimuna; the Doctor; the Doctor's TARDIS; Earl of Leicester; Earth; gold; honey; horse; Ibrahim; Jaffa; Joanna; knight; Lydda; des Preaux, William; princess; Ramlah; Richard the Lionheart; Saladin; Salem, witch trials of; Saphadin; spy; de Tornebu, William; Tyron, talking stones of; Vicki; Wright, Barbara