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"The Dæmons" is the fifth story of the eighth season of Doctor Who.


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Episode Two[]

Episode Three[]

Episode Four[]

Episode Five[]

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  • Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee
  • Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart - Nicholas Courtney
  • The Master - Roger Delgado
  • Jo Grant - Katy Manning
  • Captain Mike Yates - Richard Franklin
  • Sergeant Benton - John Levene
  • Miss Hawthorne - Damaris Hayman
  • Bert the Landlord - Don McKillop
  • Winstanley - Rollo Gamble
  • Prof. Horner - Robin Wentworth
  • Alastair Fergus - David Simeon
  • Harry - James Snell
  • Garvin - John Joyce
  • Dr. Reeves - Eric Hillyard
  • Tom Girton - Jon Croft
  • PC Groom - Christopher Wray
  • Baker's Man - Gerald Taylor
  • Bok - Stanley Mason
  • Sgt. Osgood - Alec Linstead
  • Thorpe - John Owens
  • Azal - Stephen Thorne
  • Morris Dancers - The Headington Quarry Men
  • Jones - Matthew Corbett

Uncredited performers[]

  • Lawrence Archer as a villager and coven member (3-5)
  • Keith Ashley as a villager (3)
  • Gladys Bacon as a villager (3)
  • Christopher Barry as Red 04 pilot (3) (voice only)
  • Leslie Bates as a BBC crew member (2)
  • Frank Bennett as a UNIT driver (5)
  • Ernest Blythe as a villager and coven member (3,5)
  • Maria Burns as villager at maypole (4-5)
  • Bill Burridge as a villager and coven member (3-5)
  • Andrew Butcher as a UNIT soldier (3-5)
  • Anthony Case as a BBC crew member (2)
  • Nicholas Courtney as BBC3 announcer (2) (voice only)
  • Jim Davidson as a UNIT soldier (3-5)
  • Terry Denton as a UNIT soldier (3-5)
  • Marion Deuchar as villager with child (4)
  • Peter Diamond as a morris dancer (4)
  • R. Dixon as a UNIT driver (3)
  • Michael Earl as man in pub, coven member and villager (1-3)
  • Ian Elliott as a villager (3)
  • Charles Finch as man in pub, coven member and villager (1-3)
  • Walter Goodman as a villager (3)
  • Patrick Gorman as a coven member (4-5)
  • Bill Gosling as a villager (3)
  • David J. Graham as man in pub and coven member (1-2,4-5)
  • Lilly Harrold as woman in pub (1)
  • John Holmes as Jim (1)
  • Bruce Humble as a BBC crew member (1-2)
  • Steve Ismay as a BBC crew member (2)
  • Ray James as a UNIT driver (5)
  • Richard Lawrence as man in pub and coven member (1-2)
  • Alan Lenoire as man in pub and coven member (1-2)
  • Bill Lodge as a villager (3)
  • Jimmy Mac as man in pub and coven member (1-2)
  • George Mackie as a UNIT soldier (3,5)
  • Simon Malloy as a BBC crew member (1-2)
  • John Scott Martin as Charlie (3-5)
  • Lesley Matcham as villager at maypole (4)
  • Lyn Matcham as villager at maypole (4-5)
  • Ronald Mayer as man in pub, coven member and villager (1-3)
  • Patrick Milner as a UNIT corporal (1-2)
  • Michael Moore as a villager and coven member (3-5)
  • Roy Oliver as a BBC crew member (1-2)
  • Les Osman as villager at maypole (4-5)
  • Myrtle Osman as villager at maypole (4-5)
  • Roy Pearce as man in pub and coven member (1-2)
  • J.W. Phillips as a UNIT driver (3)
  • Mo Race as woman in pub and villager (1,3)
  • Rex Rashley as a villager and coven member (3-5)
  • Renne Roberts as a villager (3)
  • Kathy Ryan as villager at maypole (4-5)
  • Jean Scaife as villager at maypole (4-5)
  • Charles Shaw Hesketh as a villager and coven member (3-5)
  • Paul Stone as a UNIT soldier (3,5)
  • Robin Squire as Charlie (1-2)
  • John Tatham as man in pub and coven member (1-2,4-5)
  • Ray Taylor as a UNIT driver (5)
  • Ron Taylor as a UNIT soldier (3-4)
  • Vic Taylor as man in pub and coven member (1-2,4-5)
  • Ron Tingley as a BBC crew member (2)
  • Sonnie Willis as a BBC crew member (1-2)
  • Geoff Witherick as a villager and coven member (3-5)
  • Unknown performers as


  • Written by Guy Leopold
  • Directed by Christopher Barry
  • Produced by Barry Letts
  • Fight Arranger - Peter Diamond
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental Music - Dudley Simpson
  • Special Sound - Brian Hodgson and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Film Cameraman - Fred Hamilton
  • Film Sound - Dick Manton
  • Film Editor - Chris Wimble
  • Visual Effects - Peter Day
  • Costumes - Barbara Lane
  • Makeup - Jan Harrison
  • Studio Lighting - Ralph Walton
  • Studio Sound - Tony Millier
  • Script Editor - Terrance Dicks
  • Designer - Roger Ford


100,000 BC; 800 BC; 17th century; 18th century; 1793; 1939; 1951; 1972

aerodynamics; Age of Aquarius; archaeologist; artillery; Atame; Atlantis; Axon; Azael; barrow; bazooka; BBC; BBC3; Beltane; Bessie; bicycle; black magic; brigadier; British Army; British currency; Bronze Age; bumblebee; Cambridge University; canon; captain; car; cat; chieftain; Christmas; church; Cloven Hoof; coffee; corned beef sandwich; Cornwall; corporal; coven; cow; Cyberman; Dæmon; Dæmon spaceship; Dæmos; demon; Devil; Devil's End; Devil's End church; Devil's Hump; diathermic energy exchanger; "Doc"; doctor of medicine; duty room; E=MC2; Earth; Egypt; EHF; Einstein, Albert; energy; fighter plane; Flint, Percival; force field; the Galaxy; gargoyle; Genghis Khan; Greek; Greyhound; Greyhound Two; Halloween; heart; heart attack; heart failure; heat barrier; helicopter; hen; Hindu; Hitler, Adolf; Hopkins, Matthew; Industrial Revolution; iron; junction box; Khnum; laboratory rat; Land Rover; Latin; lemon; Lord of Aldbourne; lullaby; magic; Magister; mark 4A condenser unit; mass; May Day; milk; miner; morris dancer; motorcycle; Neanderthal; Nuton Power Complex; ox; The Passing Parade; pea shooter; petrol; professor; psionic force; Qui Quae Quod; radio; radio control unit; RAF Strike Command; rationalist; Renaissance; reverend; Royal Air Force; rugby; rune; sabbat; Satanist; sergeant; shotgun; Smallwood; solar mechanism; solenoid; special theory of relativity; squire; staff car; sulphur; Sutton Hoo; swagger stick; Talisman of Mercury; tea; telephone; television; Tom; transistor; Trap Three; Trap Two; Twickenham; United Kingdom; United Kingdom law enforcement; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; UNIT Mobile HQ; Venusian; verger; vicar; warrior; white witch; witch; Witchcraft Act; wizard

Additional references[]

Abbotsburn; accountant; ankh; Coldstream Guards; Covenstone; dog; existentialist; frog; G-UNIT; Neary; OLR461E; optimist; owl; Red 04; Robinson; sabbat; Satanhall; Staffordshire; Witchwood