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"The Five Doctors" is a special feature-length episode of Doctor Who that was produced to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the programme.


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Uncredited performers[]

  • Unknown performer as a Yeti


  • By Terrance Dicks
  • Title Music composed by Ron Grainer
  • Incidental Music - Peter Howell
  • Special Sound -
    • Dick Mills
    • BBC Radiophonic Workship
  • Production Manager - Jeremy Silberston
  • Production Associate - June Collins
  • Production Assistant - Jean Davis
  • Assistant Floor Manager - Pauline Seager
  • Film Cameraman - John Baker
  • Film Sound - John Gatland
  • Film Editor - M.A.C. Adams
  • Additional Film Editing - Tariq Anwar (Special Edition)
  • Visual Effects Designers -
    • John Brace
    • Mike Kelt
  • Camera Supervisor - Alec Wheal (credit cut from Special Edition)
  • Technical Manager - Derek Thompson
  • Vision Mixer - Shirley Coward
  • Video Effects -
    • Dave Chapman
    • Jo McGrogan (Special Edition)
    • Alison Rickman (Special Edition)
    • Steve Roberts (Special Edition)
  • Video Tape Editors -
    • Paul Vanezis (Special Edition)
    • Hugh Parson
  • Properties Buyer - Robert Fleming (credit cut from Special Edition)
  • Design Effects - Jean Peyre
  • Graphic Designer - Ian Hewett
  • Studio Lighting - Don Babbage
  • Studio Sound - Martin Ridout
  • Costume Designer - Colin Lavers
  • Make-up Artist - Jill Hagger
  • Dubbing Mixers -
    • Benedict Peissel (Special Edition)
    • Andy Freeth (Special Edition)
  • For BBC Worldwide (Special Edition)
  • Produced by Paul Vanezis (Special Edition)
  • Research - Richard Molesworth (Special Edition)
  • Executive Producer - Sue Kerr (Special Edition)
  • Script Editor - Eric Saward
  • Programme Consultant - Ian Levine (Special Edition)
  • Designer - Malcolm Thornton
  • Director - Peter Moffatt
  • Producer - John Nathan Turner


1974; 1979; 1983

Alice; autumn; Bessie; Black Scrolls of Rassilon; bomb; brigadier; bus; bus stop; Cam; Cambridge; the Capitol; captain; car; Castellan; Chadwick, Owen; Chancellery Guard; Chancellor; colonel; commander; Constitution of Gallifrey; Coronet of Rassilon; cybergun; Cyber Leader; Cyber Lieutenant; Cyberman; Cyber Scout; Dalek; Dark Tower; Death Zone; dimensional stabiliser; "Doc"; Earth; energy weapon; Eye of Harmony; Eye of Orion; Fawkes, Guy; fireworks; force field; Galactic Glitter; Gallifrey; the Games; gramophone; Greek language; Halloween; Harp of Rassilon; High Council of the Time Lords; homing beacon; horse; Inner Council; ion; Jeffreys, (Judge); jelly baby; Kaled mutant; kangaroo; land mine; Laws of Time; London; London Transport; Marvell, Andrew; mathematics; May Week; mind probe; Ministry of Defence; neutraliser; neutron; Newton, Isaac; Old High Gallifreyan; Omega; patrol staser; pi; pineapple; President of the Council; Prydon Academy; punt; punting; Raston Warrior Robot; regeneration; Ring of Rassilon; Rutherford, Ernest; scanner; scarecrow; scientific adviser; Seal of Rassilon; sheep; Skaro; Smart, Christopher; telepathy; Terrible Zodin; Through the Looking-Glass; Time Lord; The Times; time scoop; Time Vortex; tissue compression eliminator; transmat beam; Trion; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT HQ; video conference; Whirl of the Waltz; Wordsworth, William; Yeti; Yeti (robot)

Additional references[]

Conspicuous Gallantry Medal; General Service Medal (1962); Military Cross