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"The Infinite Quest" is a Doctor Who animation that was produced for the 2007 series of Totally Doctor Who.



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  • The Doctor - David Tennant
  • Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman
  • Baltazar - Anthony Head
  • Caw / Squawk - Toby Longworth
  • Captain Kaliko - Liza Tarbuck
  • Swabb - Tom Farrelly
  • Mantasphid Queen - Lizzie Hopley
  • Mergrass - Paul Clayton
  • Pilot Kelvin - Steven Meo
  • Control Voice - Barney Harwood
  • Gurney - Stephen Greif
  • Locke / Warders - Dan Morgan

Non-speaking characters[]

  • Black Gold skeleton crew


  • By Alan Barnes
  • Director - Gary Russell
  • Animation - Firestep
  • Production Designer - Edward Thomas
  • Sound Design -
    • Doug Sinclair
    • Howard Eaves
    • Paul McFadden
  • Dubbing Mixer - Peter Jeffreys
  • Composer - Murray Gold
  • Music Arranger - Ben Foster
  • Production Runner - Scott Handcock
  • Production Accountant - Elaine Stephenson
  • Post Production Co-ordinator - Vickie Mansell
  • Production Manager - Kirsty Reid
  • Production Executive - Paul Williams
  • Executive Producers for CBBC -
    • Gillian Scothern
    • Reem Nouss
    • Jon East
  • Producers -
    • James Goss
    • Ros Attille
  • Series Producer - Gillane Seaborne
  • Executive Producer - Mark Cossey


10th century; 20th century; 40th century

7574B; ambassador; android; armoured car; armoury; artificial sun; asteroid; Baltazar's warship; biped; Blackbeard; black box recorder; Black Gold; blackmail; Boadicea; Bonaparte, Napoleon; Bouken; brain; bug; captain; carbon; carbon-based life form; Caw-type robot; Ceres system; computer; Copacabana Beach; cutlass; Madame Cholet; Cradock, Fanny; Dark Times; data chip; diamond; the Doctor's TARDIS; dung; Earth; Earth Command; Earth Command warplane; energy weapon; faster-than-light travel; first mate; fraud; fungus; fusion chamber; gold; governor; gunrunner; Great Old One; Great Vampire; Hesperus Galaxy; hologram; Infinite; king; kitten; larceny; laser pistol; lifeboat; Mantasphid; Mantasphid hive; military adviser; Myarr; Nestene; Oddie, Bill; oil; OilCorp; oil rig; Pheros; phosphorescence; pilot; pilot suit; pirate; planetary demolition; plasma cannon; psychic paper; Racnoss; robot; Seven Galaxies; Smith, Delia; Solar System; sonic screwdriver; spaceship; ribicola; sabre-toothed gorilla; snake; spoon; TARDIS Type 40 Handbook; traffic violation; Triton; video conference; Doctor Vile; Volag-Noc; Volag-Noc language; Warder