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"The Keys of Marinus" is the fifth story of the first season of Doctor Who.

The Keys of Marinus
Season 1 (1963-1964), Episode 21 to Episode 26
Air date 11 April - 16 May 1964
Written by Terry Nation
Directed by John Gorrie
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The Sea of Death[]

The Velvet Web[]

The Screaming Jungle[]

The Snows of Terror[]

Sentence of Death[]

The Keys of Marinus[]

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  • Dr. Who - William Hartnell
  • Ian Chesterton - William Russell
  • Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill
  • Susan Foreman - Carole Ann Ford
  • Arbitan - George Coulouris
  • Voords -
    • Martin Cort
    • Peter Stenson
    • Gordon Wales
  • Altos - Robin Phillips
  • Sabetha - Katherine Scholfield
  • Voice of Morpho - Heron Carvic
  • Warrior - Martin Cort
  • Darrius - Edmund Warwick
  • Vasor - Francis de Wolff
  • Ice Soldiers -
    • Michael Allaby
    • Alan James
    • Peter Stenson
    • Anthony Verner
  • Tarron - Henley Thomas
  • Larn - Michael Allaby
  • Senior Judge - Raf de la Torre
  • First Judge - Alan James
  • Second Judge - Peter Stenson
  • Kala - Fiona Walker
  • Aydan - Martin Cort
  • Eyesen - Donald Pickering
  • Guard - Alan James
  • Yartek - Stephen Dartnell

Uncredited performers[]

  • Michael Allaby as a Millennius guard (5)
  • Dougie Dean as Eprin (4)
  • Bob Haddow as an idol (3)
  • Faith Hines as a Morphoton lady in waiting (2)
  • Lynda Taylor as a Morphoton lady in waiting (2)
  • Daphne Thomas as a Morphoton lady in waiting (2)
  • Veronica Thornton as a Morphoton lady in waiting (2)
  • Sharon Young as a Morphoton lady in waiting (2)


  • Written by Terry Nation
  • Directed by John Gorrie
  • Produced by Verity Lambert
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental music composed by Norman Kay
  • Costumes supervised by Daphne Dare
  • Make-up supervised by Jill Summers
  • Story Editor - David Whitaker
  • Designer - Raymond P Cusick
  • Associate Producer - Mervyn Pinfield


acid; auto-ray scanner; axe; battle axe; blood; brain; Central America; chief enquirer; Chinese language; computer; Conscience of Marinus; controller; creeper; cyclotron; DE3O2; demon; desert; detective; Dresden; Earth; Egyptian; Elders; execution; flint; force barrier; frostbite; glass; glass factory; glass submarine; grape; growth accelerator; Guardian Building; Guardian Division; haulage gang; heat reflector; hypnosis; Iceland; Indian; judge; jungle; knife; lance; mace; magic; Marinus; Marinus native; Marinus wolf; mesmerant; microcircuit; micro-key; Millennius; Morpho; Morphoton; murder; NH4NO3; orange juice; physician; pomegranate; protective suit; psychometric examination; pyramid; Pyrrho; radiation; rape; robbery; scanner; Scepticism; silk; snow; somnar disc; Southern America; statue; sword; telepathy; telephone; time mechanism; travel dial; truffle; vine; Voord; zenith