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"The Mutants" is the fourth story of the ninth season of Doctor Who.


Episode One[]

Episode Two[]

Episode Three[]

Episode Four[]

Episode Five[]

Episode Six[]

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  • Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee
  • Jo Grant - Katy Manning
  • Marshal - Paul Whitsun-Jones
  • Varan - James Mellor
  • Ky - Garrick Hagon
  • Administrator - Geoffrey Palmer
  • Stubbs - Christopher Coll
  • Cotton - Rick James
  • Varan's Son - Jonathan Sherwood
  • Jaeger - George Pravda
  • Sondergaard - John Hollis
  • Old Man - Sidney Johnson
  • Solos Guard - Roy Pearce
  • Warrior Guard - David Arlen
  • Solos Guard - Damon Sanders
  • Skybase Guard - Martin Taylor
  • Mutt - John Scott Martin
  • Investigator - Peter Howell

Uncredited performers[]

  • Keith Ashley as a Skybase guard (1-2,4)
  • Ali Baba as a Skybase guard (5)
  • Dave Carter as a Skybase guard (5-6)
  • Derek Chafer as a Solonian warrior (4)
  • Reg Cranfield as a Solonian delegate (1)
  • Gary Dean as an ECS guard (6)
  • Ronald Gough as a Skybase guard (3)
  • Astley Harvey as a Skybase guard (1-2,4,6)
  • Alex Hood as a Solonian warrior (4)
  • Barry Hooper as an ECS guard (6)
  • Steven Ismay as Varan's bodyguard (1)
  • Ken Nazarin as an aide of the Earth Council investigator (6)
  • Dennis Plenty as a Skybase guard (3,5)
  • Brychan Powell as a Solonian delegate (1)
  • Evan Ross as an aide of the Earth Council investigator (6)
  • Damon Sanders as a guard leader on Solos (5)
  • Joe Santo as a transfer station guard (2)
  • Terry Sartain as a Solonian warrior (4)
  • Martin Taylor as a Skybase guard leader (5)
  • Vic Taylor as a Solonian delegate (1)
  • Ron Tingley as a Skybase guard (1-2)
  • Keith Urry as an ECS guard (6)
  • Mick Urry as an ECS guard (6)
  • Terry Walsh as a Skybase guard (1,4-5)
  • David Waterman as a Skybase guard (2-3,5)
  • Peter Whitaker as a Solonian delegate (1)


  • Written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin
  • Directed by Christopher Barry
  • Produced by Barry Letts
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental Music by Tristram Cary
  • Special Sounds by Brian Hodgson
  • Film Cameraman - Fred Hamilton
  • Film Sound - Dick Manton
  • Film Editor - Dave King
  • Visual Effects Designer - John Horton
  • Costume Designer - James Acheson
  • Make-up - Joan Barrett
  • Studio Lighting - Frank Cresswell
  • Sound - Tony Millier
  • Script Editor - Terrance Dicks
  • Designer - Jeremy Bear


25th century; 1972; 2990

administrator; antimatter; atmosphere modulation; autumn; ballistics; Bessie; blast pack; Book of Genesis; bomb; Bureau of Records; calendar; chess; computer; conspiracy; Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; Earth; Earth Control; Earth Council; Earth Council Security; Earth's Empire; Earth Government; Earth military; energy weapon; fuel probe; gas grenade; genocide; Gibbon, Edward; Hyperion; ionisation crystal; ionisation rocket; isotope; London; Lost Tablets; macrovisor; marshal; martial law; message pod; minimum inertia superdrive; mutation; Mutt; nationalism; nitrogen; Overlord; oxymask; particle reversal; plague; poison; professor; radiation; radio; sabotage; Skybase; Skybase One; sky city; Solar System; Solonian; Solonian All People's Union; Solos; sonic screwdriver; spaceship; space shuttle; spring; squad; summer; sun; sword; telecast; telepathy; telescope; terrorism; thaesium; Time Lord; transmat; treason; ultraviolet; UNIT HQ; Varan's village; weather control; winter