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The Pentagon was a United States government facility in Washington, D.C.


A simulation of the Pentagon in 2017

In 1972, a consignment of five units of Axonite was scheduled to be sent to the Pentagon as part of the British government's worldwide distribution of Axonite to every major capital and scientific establishment. (DW: "The Claws of Axos")

At the beginning of the Dalek invasion of Earth in 2009, the Pentagon issued an emergency report saying that two hundred objects were heading towards Earth in a regular pattern. (DW: "The Stolen Earth")

The Dalek invasion of 2009 was erased from history by the cracks in time, but some of its consequences - including the New Dalek Paradigm - remained. (DW: "Victory of the Daleks", "Flesh and Stone")

In July 2020, a systems breach at the Pentagon was caused by the activation of the Shakri cubes. (DW: "The Power of Three")