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"The Robots of Death" is the fifth story of the fourteenth season of Doctor Who.


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  • Doctor Who - Tom Baker
  • Leela - Louise Jameson
  • Uvanov - Russell Hunter
  • Toos - Pamela Salem
  • Dask - David Bailie
  • Poul - David Collings
  • Borg - Brian Croucher
  • Zilda - Tania Rogers
  • Cass - Tariq Yunus
  • Chub - Rob Edwards
  • D.84 - Gregory de Ponlay
  • S.V.7 - Miles Fothergill
  • Robots -
    • Mark Blackwell Baker
    • John Bleasdale
    • Mark Cooper
    • Peter Langtry
    • Jeremy Ranchev
    • Richard Seager

Uncredited performers[]

  • Peter Sax as Kerril (1)


  • Written by Chris Boucher
  • Directed by Michael E. Briant
  • Produced by Philip Hinchcliffe
  • Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Title Sequence by Bernard Lodge
  • Production Assistant - Peter Grimwade
  • Production Unit Manager - Christopher D'Oyly-John
  • Lighting - Duncan Brown
  • Sound - Tony Millier
  • Film Cameraman - Peter Chapman
  • Visual Effects Designer - Richard Conway
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Costume Designer - Elizabeth Waller
  • Make-Up Artist - Ann Briggs
  • Script Editor - Robert Holmes
  • Designer - Kenneth Sharp


2871; 2881

acting commander; Antoinette, Marie; bumblebee; chess; chief fixer; chief mover; Chub's homeworld; commander; the Company; computer; controller; D.64; deactivation disc; "Doc"; Dum; The Girl with the Flaxen Hair; Grimwade; Grimwade's Syndrome; heart; helium; instrument package; jelly baby; Kaldor City; keefan; knife; Korlano Beta; larynx; Laserson probe; Loid; lucanol; magic; meteorologist; mining; motive unit; mouse; mover; None but the Weary Heart; ore; pilot; pliers; respiratory bypass system; robot; robotics; sandminer; sandstorm; satellite distress beacon; scanner; sonic screwdriver; stop circuit; Storm Mine 4; Super Voc; Tesh; Tesh gun; Time Lord; tin; RMS Titanic; transdimensional engineering; the Twenty; V.4; V.5; V.6; V.8; V.9; V.14; V.16; V.19; V.21; V.32; V.35; V.40; V.45; Voc; weather balloon; wrist communicator; yo-yo; Z9 electron pack; zelanite; zeta link