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"The Seeds of Doom" is the sixth story of the thirteenth season of Doctor Who.


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Part Three[]

Part Four[]

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  • Doctor Who - Tom Baker
  • Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
  • Harrison Chase - Tony Beckley
  • Scorby - John Challis
  • Arnold Keeler - Mark Jones
  • John Stevenson - Hubert Rees
  • Charles Winlett - John Gleeson
  • Derek Moberley - Michael McStay
  • Richard Dunbar - Kenneth Gilbert
  • Sir Colin Thackeray - Michael Barrington
  • Hargreaves - Seymour Green
  • Amelia Ducat - Sylvia Coleridge
  • Guard Leader - David Masterman
  • Doctor Chester - Ian Fairbairn
  • Chauffeur - Alan Chuntz
  • Guard - Harry Fielder
  • Major Beresford - John Acheson
  • Sergeant Henderson - Ray Barron
  • The Krynoid's Voice - Mark Jones

Uncredited performers[]

  • Keith Ashley as
    • Krynoid (4-6)
    • Thackeray's secretary (5)
  • Peter Bailey as
  • Ian Elliott as a guard (3-4)
  • Rowland Geall as a UNIT soldier (6)
  • Patrick Ginter as a UNIT soldier (6)
  • Pat Gorman as a guard (3,5)
  • Ronald Gough as
    • Krynoid (4-6)
    • Royal Marine (3)
  • Patrick Milner as a Royal Marine (3)
  • Brian Nolan as a guard (3-5)
  • Tony Snell as a UNIT soldier (6)
  • Barry Summerford as Thurston (6)
  • Derek Wayland as a UNIT soldier (6)


  • Written by Robert Banks Stewart
  • Directed by Douglas Camfield
  • Produced by Philip Hinchcliffe
  • Fight arranger - Terry Walsh
  • Production Assistant - Graeme Harper
  • Production Unit Managers -
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Title Sequence - Bernard Lodge
  • Incidental Music by Geoffrey Burgon
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Costume Designer - Barbara Lane
  • Make-Up - Ann Briggs
  • Visual Effects Designer - Richard Conway
  • Studio Lighting - John Dixon
  • Studio Sound - John Holmes
  • OB Lighting - Clive Potter
  • OB Sound - Vic Godrich
  • Film Cameraman - Keith Hopper
  • Film Editor - M.A.C. Adams
  • Script Editor - Robert Holmes
  • Designers -
    • Roger Murray-Leach
    • Jeremy Bear


20,000 BC; 1587; 1881; 1921; 1944; 1960; 1976

ack-ack gun; Adams, Franklin; Africa; Antarctica; autumn; Auxiliary Territorial Service; bacteria; biology; blood; blue whale; bomb; bone; bonsai; Botanical Institute; botanist; brandy; brigadier; British Army; camera; Camp 5; cannon; car; Cassiopeia; Lady Chandley; Chase, Bothwell; Chase estate; Chilterns; chop suey; Clive of India; coffee; compost; Crown Jewels; cytology; Daimler; defoliant; doctor of medicine; Earth; England; Eskimo; espionage; fighter plane; Floriana Requiem; flower; flower power; Folkestone; generator plant; Geneva; gooseberry; gourd; greenfly; greenhouse; gun; heart; helicopter; hibiscus; high explosive; hybrid; Hymn of the Plants; inflation; Intergalactic Floral Society; Japan; kale; Krynoid; laser gun; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; Linnaeus, Carl; London; major; mercenary; Middle East; Molotov cocktail; Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus; Natterjack Toad; nitrogen; painting; parasite; St Paul's Cathedral; perfect pitch; physiology; pistol; plane; plant; platelet; Pleistocene; protein; radio; rainforest; Red Leader; rhubarb; rice pudding; rose; Royal Air Force; Royal Horticultural Society; Royal Marines; satellite; scalpel; schizophyte; Scorpio section; Second World War; section; sergeant; Snake's Head Fritillary; snowcat; South Bend; space-time coordinate programmer; summer; telephone; telescope; telex; This Is the House That Jack Built; three-handed crib; toothbrush; ultraviolet; United Kingdom; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; United States; Venezuelan gobbo; Victoria; video conference; virus; Wars of the Roses; Wilson, Mike; World Ecology Bureau; X-ray; yo-yo; zoologist