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"The Sensorites" is the seventh story of the first season of Doctor Who.

The Sensorites
Season 1 (1963-1964), Episode 31 to Episode 36
Air date 20 June - 1 August 1964
Written by Peter R. Newman
Directed by Mervyn Pinfield and Frank Cox
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The Aztecs
The Reign of Terror


Strangers in Space[]

The Unwilling Warriors[]

Hidden Danger[]

A Race Against Death[]


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  • Dr. Who - William Hartnell
  • Ian Chesterton - William Russell
  • Barbara Wright - Jacqueline Hill
  • Susan Foreman - Carole Ann Ford
  • John - Stephen Dartnell
  • Carol - Ilona Rodgers
  • Maitland - Lorne Cossette
  • Sensorites -
    • First - Ken Tyllsen
    • Second - Joe Grieg
    • Third - Peter Glaze
    • Fourth - Arthur Newall
    • First Elder - Eric Francis
    • Second Elder - Bartlett Mullins
    • First Scientist - Ken Tyllsen
    • Second Scientist - Joe Grieg
    • Warrior - Joe Grieg
    • And
      • Anthony Rogers
      • Gerry Martin
  • Commander - John Bailey
  • First Human - Martyn Huntley
  • Second Human - Giles Phibbs


  • Written by Peter R. Newman
  • Directed by
    • Mervyn Pinfield (1-4)
    • Frank Cox (5-6)
  • Produced by Verity Lambert
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental Music Composed and Conducted by Norman Kay
  • Costumes Supervised by Daphne Dare
  • Make-up Supervised by Jill Summers
  • Story Editor - David Whitaker
  • Designer - Raymond P. Cusick
  • Associate Producer - Mervyn Pinfield


24th century; 2734; 2754; 2763; 2764

aqueduct; astronaut; Atropa belladonna; Aztec; battle stations; Big Ben; British monarchy; Brummell, Beau; caffeine citrate; captain; cat; Central City; Chief of Warriors; City Administrator; commander; court martial; crystal water; Dalek; deflection ray; disintegrator; Earth; Earth military; Eighth District; electromagnetic drill; engineer; England; Esto; Fifth District; First District; First Elder; Fourth District; fruit; Gallifrey; gold mine; hand-ray; heart; heart resuscitator; Henry VIII; hydrogen; I.M. Foreman, Scrap Merchant; iron; London; Mach; magnetic field; Maitland's spaceship; Marinus; mind transmitter; mineralogist; molybdenum; Ninth District; Number One; Number Two; Outer Wastes; oxygen; Palace of the Elders; parallel thrust; parson's nose; peach; Polo, Marco; radioelectric light; scanner; scarlet fever; Second District; Second Elder; Sense-Sphere; Sensorite; Sensorite craft; Seventh District; Sixth District; sodium; spaceship; spectroscope; steel; telepathy; Tenth District; Third District; torch; Tower of London; treason; ultra high frequency; warrior; watch; Westminster Abbey; Yellow Mountains