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"The Space Pirates" is the sixth story of the sixth season of Doctor Who.


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  • Dr. Who - Patrick Troughton
  • Jamie - Frazer Hines
  • Zoe - Wendy Padbury
  • Dervish - Brian Peck
  • Caven - Dudley Foster
  • General Hermack - Jack May
  • Major Ian Warne - Donald Gee
  • Technician Penn - George Layton
  • Lt. Sorba - Nik Zaran
  • Space Guard - Anthony Donovan
  • Milo Clancey - Gordon Gostelow
  • Madeleine Issigri - Lisa Daniely
  • Pirate Guard - Steve Peters
  • Dom Issigri - Esmond Knight

Uncredited performers[]

  • Unknown performers as
    • Dyce (5)
    • Fraze (5)
    • Jupiter (4)
    • Muller (5) (voice only)
    • Quince (5)


  • Written by Robert Holmes
  • Directed by Michael Hart
  • Produced by Peter Bryant
  • Music Composed by Dudley Simpson
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Special Sound -
    • Brian Hodgson
    • BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Special Effects Designer - John Wood
  • Film Cameraman - Peter Hall
  • Film Editor - Martyn Day
  • Costumes - Nicholas Bullen
  • Make-Up -
    • Sylvia James
    • Sallie Evans
    • Liz Rowell
  • Studio Lighting - Peter Winn
  • Sound - David Hughes
  • Story Editor - Derrick Sherwin
  • Designer - Ian Watson


2095; 2105; 2133; 2135

aide-de-camp; airlock; Alpha 1; Alpha 2; Alpha 3; Alpha 4; Alpha 7; Alpha 9; applied mathematics; argonite; asteroid; astroengineer; atomic drive; audio lock; bee; Beta Buccaneer; Beta Dart; bread; brushfire war; burglary; C-class freighter; canary; candle; captain; Central Flight Information; cheese; chief; coffee; combination lock; computer; copper; credit; cruiser; death penalty; deep space sickness; Earth; Earth Government; egg; electromagnetic field; electromagnetic wave; engineer; fighter pilot; flintbox; floater; Fourth Sector; freighter; general; glyceryl trinitrate; gramophone; grasshopper; Gruyère; guidance system; hydrogen bomb; identity registration; Interstellar Space Corps; Issigri Mining Corporation; ITM computer; landing pad; larceny; lieutenant; LIZ 79; Lobos; magnet; major; marble; Mark V beacon; Martian missile; match; microcircuit; Milo Clancey Space Mining Company; Minnow fighter; murder; navigation beacon; navigator; Nervan prison chamber; neuristor; New Sarum; oil lamp; Over the Rainbow; oxygen; oxygen pump; pilot; Pliny system; porridge; puppy; radar; radiation; radiation suit; radio; Reja Magnum; remote control; rocket; Ruta Magnum; scissor charge; screwdriver; solar power; solar toaster; sonar; Space 1st Division; space piracy; space station; space suit; spacewalk; steel; stethoscope; Suledin; Ta; tea; thermic capacitator; thermite gun; tillium; tractor beam; transistor; transprinter; tuning fork; ultra high frequency; ultraviolet; V41-LO; V-ship; video conference; viper; visual scanner; weather satellite; XX-1; XX-2