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"The Web of Fear" is the fifth story of the fifth season of Doctor Who.


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  • Dr. Who - Patrick Troughton
  • Jamie - Frazer Hines
  • Victoria - Deborah Watling
  • Professor Travers - Jack Watling
  • Anne Travers - Tina Packer
  • Julius Silverstein - Frederick Schrecker
  • Corporal Lane - Rod Beacham
  • Corporal Blake - Richardson Morgan
  • Captain Knight - Ralph Watson
  • Harold Chorley - Jon Rollason
  • Staff Sgt. Arnold - Jack Woolgar
  • Craftsman Weams - Stephen Whittaker
  • Soldier - Bernard G. High
  • Yeti -
    • John Levene
    • John Lord
    • Gordon Stothard
    • Colin Warman
    • Jeremy King
    • Roger Jacombs
  • Soldier - Joseph O'Connell
  • Driver Evans - Derek Pollitt
  • Col. Lethbridge-Stewart - Nicholas Courtney

Uncredited performers[]

  • Tim Condren as a Parachute Regiment soldier (4)
  • Derek Martin as a Parachute Regiment soldier (4)
  • Philip Ryan as a Parachute Regiment soldier (4)
  • Bert Sims as a news vendor (1)
  • Terry Walsh as a Parachute Regiment soldier (4)
  • Unknown performers as
    • Cocksey (2)
    • Dawson (4)
    • "Fred" (5)
    • Langley (4)
    • Murphy (4)
    • Thompson (2)


  • Written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln
  • Directed by Douglas Camfield
  • Produced by Peter Bryant
  • Fight arranged by Derek Ware
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Special Sound by
    • Brian Hodgson
    • BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Visual Effects designed by Ron Oates
  • Costumes - Martin Baugh
  • Make-up - Sylvia James
  • Lighting - Clive Leighton
  • Sound - Ray Angel
  • Film Cameramen -
    • Alan Jonas
    • Jimmy Court
  • Film Editors -
    • Philip Barnikel
    • Colin Hobson
  • Story Editor - Derrick Sherwin
  • Designer - David Myerscough-Jones


1935; 1937; 1967

actor; America; bacteriological warfare; bazooka; British Army; British currency; Cannon Street; captain; Central Line; Chancery Lane; Charing Cross; Cheney Street; chocolate; Circle Line; colonel; commanding officer; control sphere; corporal; Covent Garden; Craftsman; darts; Detsen Monastery; Driver; Earth; England; Euston Square; explosive; Farringdon; flamethrower; fly; Fred Karno's Army; fungus; giraffe; goat; Goodge Street; Great Intelligence; hand grenade; Holborn; homing device; journalist; King's Cross; lamb; Lancaster Gate; Leicester Square; lieutenant colonel; Liverpool Street; London; London Television; London Underground; Monument; Neal Street; Northern Line; Pemberton; Piccadilly; police box; Post Office Tower; professor; Queensway; radio; robot; Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; Royal Engineers; Salamander; Scotland; Second World War; sergeant; small arms; "South Ken"; spider; staff sergeant; star; St. Paul's; Strand; tea; telephone; television; Temple; Tibet; timelock; tobacco; Tottenham Court Road; Tower Hill; train; Travers' house; truck; tube station; United Kingdom; university; Wales; Warren Street; web gun; Welsh language; Yeti; Yeti (robot)

Additional references[]

Aldwych; Blackfriars; Block-Busters; Bond Street; Camfield's Fairy Milk Chocolate; F.J. Forrester & Sons; Green Park; Hyde Park Corner; Knightsbridge; Mansion House; Marble Arch; New Zealand; Oxford Circus; Parachute Regiment; Poitier, Sidney; Regent's Park; Royal Corps of Transport; The Skye Boat Song; Sosban Fach; Trafalgar Square; Victoria; Westminster