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This is a list of characters who have recurring appearances or mentions in the New Adventures series of novels published by Virgin Publishing.

Regular characters[]

The Doctor
Bernice Summerfield
Roz Forrester
An Adjudicator.
Chris Cwej
An Adjudicator.

Recurring characters[]

(The Also People, Happy Endings and The Dying Days)
John Benton
UNIT sergeant. (Blood Heat, No Future and Happy Endings)
Irving Braxiatel
Owner of the Braxiatel Collection. (Theatre of War, Happy Endings, Dragons' Wrath, Ship of Fools, The Medusa Effect, Where Angels Fear, Return to the Fractured Planet, Tears of the Oracle and Twilight of the Gods)
Darius Cheynor
(The Dimension Riders and Infinite Requiem)
Ruby Duvall
(Iceberg and Happy Endings)
Sherlock Holmes
(All-Consuming Fire and Happy Endings)
Jason Kane
A man who is displaced from Earth in 1996 and becomes stranded in the Dagellan Cluster for fifteen years. He becomes Bernice Summerfield's husband (and later ex-husband) before making a life in the 26th century. (Death and Diplomacy, Happy Endings, Return of the Living Dad, So Vile a Sin, Eternity Weeps, Beyond the Sun, Deadfall, Oblivion, Beige Planet Mars, The Mary-Sue Extrusion and Twilight of the Gods)
Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart
. (Blood Heat, No Future, Transit, Happy Endings and The Dying Days)
Doris Lethbridge-Stewart
Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart's wife. (Happy Endings and The Dying Days)
Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart
The product of a 22nd century genetic engineering program intended to create the perfect warrior, she is liberated and adopted by a descendant of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart from his relationship with Mariatu, the daughter of a Sierra Leonean chief. She independently invents a primitive form of time travel. Having overcome her genetic programming, she becomes a time-travelling agent of the People with aM!xitsa as her companion. (Transit, Set Piece, The Also People, Happy Endings, So Vile a Sin and The Dying Days)
Hamlet Macbeth
Psychologist with the rank of lieutenant who headed UNIT's Paranormal Division in 1968. (The Left-Handed Hummingbird and Happy Endings)
The Master
(First Frontier and Happy Endings)
(Blood Harvest, Happy Endings, Lungbarrow and The Dying Days)
Liz Shaw
(Blood Heat and Eternity Weeps)
. (Timewyrm: Genesys, Timewyrm: Exodus, Timewyrm: Apocalypse, Timewyrm: Revelation and Happy Endings)
John Watson
(All-Consuming Fire and Happy Endings)
Mike Yates
UNIT captain. (No Future and Happy Endings)

Other characters[]

Some characters appear in only one novel, but have also been mentioned or seen on-screen. Other characters who are only in one novel appear in other expanded universe publications or audio releases. (See: list of expanded universe characters)