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The White House was the residence and workplace of the President of the United States, located in Washington, D.C. The term "White House" was often used as a metonym for the president.


The White House (2010)


In 1959, American agents Lex Hawk and Jerome P. Weismuller were in contact with the White House after they received a red alert. They were tasked by the President's right-hand man with tracking a low orbital satellite launched from Cape Canaveral. (DW: "Delta and the Bannermen")

The White House was one of many facilities scheduled to be linked through their computer systems by WOTAN on C-Day. (DW: "The War Machines")

In March 2006, AMNN reported that the President would address the nation live from the White House after the destruction of Big Ben by a crashing alien spaceship. Because 10 Downing Street would not answer their phone calls during the crisis, the White House directly phoned General Asquith of the British Army. (DW: "Aliens of London")

In the aftermath of Miracle Day, CIA official Allen Shapiro was aware of reports that the White House would shut down immigration. (TOR: "The Gathering")

Following the Zygon treaty in 2013, the White House appointed an alien ambassador. (DW: "The Zygon Invasion")



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