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For his counterpart from another universe, see Wyatt (parallel space-time continuum).

Wyatt was a British Army soldier who served under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the United Kingdom branch of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce during the early 1970s.


Sergeant Wyatt attempting to board a helicopter

In 1971, Private Wyatt was among the soldiers that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart led on a raid on the London warehouse where General Carrington had his base of operations. He avoided being hit by one of Collinson's bullets before being shot and falling backwards into a pile of boxes. During the battle, Wyatt was throttled by one of Carrington's men before being beaten against a wall, losing his beret in the process.

Wearing the insignia of a sergeant, Wyatt participated in the retrieval effort for Recovery 7 and was part of the convoy to return the craft to the Space Control Centre. When Carrington's men raided the convoy, Wyatt held on to the skids of their departing helicopter but fell to the ground shortly afterwards. (DW: "The Ambassadors of Death")


Private Wyatt pursuing the Primord Harry Slocum

Wyatt, now returned to the rank of private, was among the UNIT soldiers tasked with providing security for the Eastchester drilling project. He shot the rampaging Primord Harry Slocum twice through the heart but was infected by a green substance after Slocum overpowered him. Wyatt became unresponsive and displayed no major injuries after killing Slocum, but disappeared before medics arrived at the scene. Now changed into a Primord, Wyatt was found by the Doctor while he was hiding atop a gantry above the drilling project. When the Doctor approached him in an attempt to communicate, Wyatt swung his rifle at him but overbalanced and fell from the gantry to his death. (DW: "Inferno")


Wyatt transformed into a Primord




Wyatt was played by stunt arranger Derek Ware, head of the stunt organisation HAVOC. The character was only addressed by name in "Inferno", where he was credited as "Private Wyatt". Due to this character appearing with the rank of private and then sergeant in his initial appearance before reverting to the lower rank for his second story, it is possible that Wyatt was only an acting sergeant.