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Yuri Kerenski was a Russian cosmonaut who served as base nurse on the Bowie Base One mission in the late 2050s.


Born in 2032, Kerenski's entry into the Bowie Base One project seemed to be more reliant on chance than decisive choices. Once in Moscow, Kerenski took a very lowly research position in the Russian Federal Space Agency and, in an attempt to further himself within the agency, trained as a nurse. A happenchance meeting meant that Kerenski was present to treat the director general following his involvement in a minor accident. Having won his favour, Kerenski was thanked by the director general by being appointed as junior nurse in the returns division, where he was responsible for treating cosmonauts returning from long-stay space exploration projects.

His brother, Mikhail Kerenski, had decided to leave Moscow for Dagestan, so Yuri Kerenski took the opportunity of participating in a training course at the Johnson Space Center. It was here that he met and immediately became friends with physician Tarak Ital. Kerenski decided not to return to Russia and carried on with his position in the United States. When Ital was selected for the Bowie Base One mission, he recommended that Kerenski come onboard as the base nurse.

In an alternate timeline in which the Doctor did not intervene to save him, Kerenski died in the nuclear blast that destroyed Bowie Base One. He was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Russia. (DW: "The Waters of Mars")